St Agnes Parish Bulletin Sunday 25th July 2021

Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

25 July 2021

 Grandparent’s Day

Gift of love
We meet Jesus today in a situation of need. The crowds have followed him and they are hungry. Jesus challenges his disciples to provide a meal for them. When they object that they don’t have enough money, and only a tiny amount of food, Jesus uses what they have to pull off a remarkable feat (and feast).
    For us, this Gospel might bring to mind the situation of migrants and asylum-seekers who experience hunger and hardship today. We are left in no doubt about our obligation to protect and care for those in need, just as Jesus provided for the hungry crowds. This feeding account also has the elements of a Eucharistic meal, with Jesus taking the food, giving thanks, and distributing it to everyone. Jesus doesn’t produce this meal from nothing, but transforms what the disciples provide into a blessing for many.
    Sharing in Eucharist means sharing our resources. It means ensuring people are not left to fend for themselves in crisis situations. When we receive the body of Jesus, it is a gift of love. But if we do not give and love in return, we are wasting the gift. Where people are in need, it is our responsibility, as followers of Jesus, to share and to provide. God will provide beyond our imagining, no matter how little we think we have to give, but we are invited to take the first step.

‘If there is hunger anywhere in the world, then our celebration of the Eucharist is somehow incomplete everywhere in the world… We cannot properly receive the Bread of Life unless at the same time we give the bread of life to those in need wherever and whoever they may be.’ (Pedro Arrupe SJ)





Restrictions and Guidelines for attending Mass in Agnes’

 Face Coverings are mandatory when entering and exiting the church and should be worn throughout services.

 The seating capacity of the Church is 120-150

 Observe social distancing and use the sanitizer at the Church Entrance;

 When leaving the Church follow the instructions and leave according to the indicated “One-way” system;

 Anyone with cold-like symptoms must not enter the Church;

 Those with under lying health issues are advised to remain at home;




COLLECTION The collection for 18th July  amounted to  £1270.00 Thank you for your contribution. You can also make your envelope contribution via the donate button on the Parish website home page 


FUNERALS & WEDDINGS can increase to the current capacity of the Church (120-150 persons)


BAPTISMS Continue to be limited to 10 people every second and  fourth Sunday of the month


PARISH OFFICE  There will be no Parish Bulletin  until the weekend of 15th Aug. The parish secretary will be on leave from Monday 26th July – Monday 9th August .  If you would like to leave a message or have any queries  please email:


PARISH WEBCAM Live streaming of all Masses takes place in a St. Agnes’ Church.  Please  click on the webcam tile on the Home Page of the Parish website


RECORDINGS Please note, all funerals will be recorded. Please tell us if you do not want your loved one’s funeral recorded.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS Fr Thomas and staff wish all our parishioners a happy and enjoyable holiday period, and for anyone who is  travelling this year please stay safe 








PRAYER INTENTIONS: We extend our sympathies to the families of those who died recently and those whose month’s mind and anniversary occur at this time.



Sat 10th July : 6.30pm: Una O’ Neill

Sun 11th July: 9.30am: Paul Le Sear

12.30pm: Priest’s intention

Mon 12th  July: 10am: Mary & Dan Dornan

Tue 13th July: 10am: No Mass

Wed 14th July: 10am:  Geraldine Robinson

Thurs 15th  July:10am: Priest’s intention

Fri 16th July: 10am: Priest’s intention

Sat 17th July: 1pm: John Fairley

In the event of a funeral, the assigned intention will be offered privately by the priest at his first available mass.


Those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Dolores McLean, Lucy Mc Kenna, Geraldine Kane, Hugh Mc Murray





First Saturday Devotions St Matthias’s  Church, Glen Road on  Saturday 7th August 3pm – Adoration, Confessions, Act of Consecration 4pm – Holy Sacrifice of the Mass




Register to Vote From 1 July 2021, the electoral register in Northern Ireland will be renewed as part of the national canvass. If you want to vote in future elections, you must register to vote after 1 July, even if you’ve registered before. To register online and for more information please visit the link below:




Summer Singing School for Boys Monday 9 August – Friday 13 August 2021 St Dominic’s Grammar School, Dominican Convent, 135 Falls Road, Belfast BT12 6AE The scheme is aimed at boys aged 8–16 who want to improve their singing voice and musical skills. It is ideal for boys who have a passion for music and want to take their singing training to the next level. Applications available from Saint Peter’s Cathedral House or by emailing Schola Summer Scheme brochure






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