St Agnes Parish Bulletin 23rd May 2021

Pentecost Sunday
23 May 2021

The Spirit will guide
In today’s Gospel, we see that Jesus is comfortable with an element of mystery. Speaking to the disciples before his arrest, Jesus is preparing them for the gift of the Spirit. The word he often uses is ‘Advocate’, meaning helper or comforter, indicating the disciples will not be left to struggle on alone. We hear Jesus say that the complete truth is too much for the disciples now. The mysteries of his life, death and Resurrection, and the implications for his followers – all will become clearer in due course. The Spirit will guide you, he says. Not everything is revealed at once.
    Then in our first reading from Acts, we recall the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, just as Jesus promised. The disciples are gathered together when they have a powerful experience of the Holy Spirit, urging them out into the streets, proclaiming the Good News. The time has come. They must have remembered Jesus’ promise then, finally understanding what he meant when he said the Spirit would lead them, when the time was right.
    The Spirit is still at work in our world. As our journey continues – as humanity, as church, as individuals – the Spirit unveils God’s message for our place and time. The Spirit is that life-giving force that animates our world, inspiring and energising us. Our task is to listen, to be awake to the many ways God speaks to us and calls us into the life of God.
‘I have always pleaded for a deep listening to the voice of the artist in our midst, and also to the supreme artist who tries to lead us to completion, the Holy Spirit of God.’

(Mark Patrick Hederman)




Restrictions and Guidelines for attending Mass in Agnes’

 Face Coverings are mandatory when entering and exiting the church and should be worn throughout services.

 The seating capacity of the Church is 120-150

 Observe social distancing and use the sanitizer at the Church Entrance;

 When leaving the Church follow the instructions and leave according to the indicated “One-way” system;

 Anyone with cold-like symptoms must not enter the Church;

 Those with under lying health issues are advised to remain at home;

Funerals and Weddings can increase to the current capacity of the Church (120-150 persons)




Pentecost Sunday

First Reading: Reading from the Acts of the Apostles Acts 2:1-11 They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak.

Responsorial Psalm: Ps 103:1-24.29-31.34 R/. Send forth your Spirit, O Lord, and renew the face of the earth.

Second Reading: Reading from the letter of St Paul to the Galatians Gal 5:16-25 The fruit of the Spirit.

Gospel: Gospel according to John Jn 15:26-27; 16:12-15 The Spirit of truth will lead you to the complete truth.



Monday, Wednesday,  Thursday  &  friday @10am. 

 N.B  NO  10am Mass on a Tuesday

Saturday @ 1pm & 6.30pm

Sunday @ 9.30am & 12.30pm





COLLECTION The collection for 16th May  amounted to  £1,383.00  Thank you for your contribution. You can make your envelope contribution via the donate button on the Parish website home page aswell .


PARISH OFFICE .. will continue, for now, to be contacted by email or telephone only ( 02890 615702 & email-, and not in person. Thank you.


TROCAIRE  To date, we have collected £11,088.00 for Trócaire. Thank you all very much for contributing especially with the difficult period we have all been though. We can still receive boxes and/or donations. They can be left into the parish office/Sacristy.



PARISH WEBCAM Live streaming of all Masses takes place in a St. Agnes’ Church.  Please  click on the webcam tile on the Home Page of the Parish website


RECORDINGS Please note, all funerals will be recorded. Please tell us if you do not want your loved one’s funeral recorded.


DIOCESAN PRIVACY POLICY The Privacy Policy for the Diocese of Down and Connor is available in the Safeguarding section of the Parish website. 



PRAYER INTENTIONS: We extend our sympathies to the families of those who died recently and those whose month’s mind and anniversary occur at this time.

RECENTLY  DECEASED :  Patrick Higgins, James Norney


Sat 22nd May : 6.30pm: Jean Mc Cartney ( Months Mind ) 

Rachel & Alec Wright, Sarah Mc Larnon

Sun 23rd May: 9.30am: Priest’s intention

12.30pm: Martha Devine, Lily Mc Burney ( Months Mind)

Malachy Mc Cambridge

Mon 24th  May: 10am: Hugh & Kathleen Mc Aleavey & Niall Callan

Tue 25th May: 10am: No Mass

Wed 26th May: 10am: Frances & Stephen Hartley

Thurs 27th May:10am: Priest’ intention

Fri 28th  May: 10am: Priest’s intention

Sat 29th May: 1pm: Angela Burns

In the event of a funeral, the assigned intention will be offered privately by the priest at his first available mass.

Those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Sarah Scott, Charles & May Close


 Eternal rest grant unto them , O Lord!

THE MAY ALTAR AND DEVOTIONS AT HOME It’s not too late to set up a May Altar at home. Very simply, you need a small statue or image of Mary, maybe rosary beads, a candle and perhaps a few flowers.


PAPAL INITIATIVE FOR PRAYER IN MAY Pope Francis is requesting that, during this month of May, the entire Church invoke the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the end of the pandemic and, in a special way, he is inviting all of us to pray fervently for those most closely affected by it. Each day in May will see Vatican News broadcast the recitation of the Rosary at 6pm Rome time (5pm our time), from the various Marian Shines taking part in the initiative. The Pope will close the initiative on 31 May with another specially-broadcast Rosary











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