St Agnes Parish Bulletin 3rd October 2021



RESPONSORIAL PSALM:Psalms 128:1-2,3,4-5,6


GOSPEL MARK 10:2-16 or MARK 10:2-12


There are nine (GREEN) envelopes or ‘Special Collections’ taken up during the year. They are as follows:

Bishops’ Commissions This collection is to assist in financing the many Commissions set up by the Irish Bishops, e.g. the Faith and Justice Commission, The Family Life Commission, Ecumenism, Communications, etc.

Diocesan Cathedral Fund Used for the upkeep of St. Peter’s Cathedral.

Diocesan Pastoral Services The Bishop nominates each year the Pastoral Service or activity for which this collection is used.

Diocesan Youth Commission For youth programmes in the Diocese of Down and Connor.

Education of Diocesan Students This collection helps to fund the formation of students studying for the Priesthood in the Diocese of Down and Connor.

Needy Parishes This collection was set up in order that the wealthier parishes in the Diocese can assist those parishes in greater need.

Peter’s Pence (Pope’s Collection) The proceeds are collected on a nationwide basis and given by the Church to the Pope for charitable purposes throughout the world, e.g. natural disasters such as earthquakes, famines, etc.

Propagation of the Faith To help with the promotion of missionary activity throughout the world, especially in the Developing World.

Sick and Retired Priests For all the priests of the Diocese who, because of sickness or age, are no longer in active pastoral ministry.


 Guidelines for attending Mass in Agnes’


• Face Coverings are mandatory when entering and exiting the church


• The seating capacity of the Church is 120-150


• Observe social distancing and use the sanitizer at the Church Entrance;


• When leaving the Church follow the instructions and leave according to the indicated “One-way” system;


• Anyone with cold-like symptoms must not enter the Church;


• Those with under lying health issues are advised to remain at home.





Dear all

I invite you to remember in the parish prayers this weekend, four men from our Diocese who are commencing the first stage of formation for the permanent diaconate in Down and Connor.

We also keep in prayer the seven men who are in the final months of their initial formation and will be ordained deacons in Spring 2022.




COLLECTION The Weekly  collection for 26th Sept  amounted to  £1530.00  Thank you for your contribution. You can also make your envelope contribution via the donate button on the Parish website home page


FUNERALS & WEDDINGS can increase to the current capacity of the Church (120-150 persons)  BAPTISMS Continue to be limited to 10 people every second and  fourth Sunday of the month


PARISH WEBCAM Live streaming of all Masses takes place in a St. Agnes’ Church.  Please  click on the webcam tile on the Home Page of the Parish website


RECORDINGS Please note, all funerals will be recorded. Please tell us if you do not want your loved one’s funeral recorded.




PRAYER INTENTIONS: We extend our sympathies to the families of those who died recently and those whose month’s mind and anniversary occur at this time.


Recently Deceased: Mary Mulvenna, Anne Osborne


Sat 2nd Oct: 11am: Funeral Mass of Anne Osborne RIP

1pm: Priest’s intention

6.30pm Vigil: Kathleen Fegan


Sun 3rd Oct: 9.30am: Terry Mc Dermott


12.30pm: (MONTHS MIND  Christina Mc Cann)

Betty Barker ( 1st Anniversary )

Anne Grehan


Mon 4th Oct: 10am: Sr. Frances Foyle

Sr. Marie Duddy


Tue 5th Oct: 10am: No Mass


Wed 6th Oct: 10am: Josephine Anderson

Patrick ( Patsy) Hagan ( 1st Anniversary )


Thurs 7th Oct:10am: Priest’s intention 


Fri 8th Oct: 10am: Priest’s intention


Sat 9th Oct : 1pm: Priest’s intention


In the event of a funeral, the assigned intention will be offered privately by the priest at his first available mass.


Those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Thomas Teeney, Brian Mc Larnon, Tony Devlin, Con Butler, Patrick Joseph Murphy, Theresa Brannigan.  Eternal rest grant unto them , O Lord!







The West Belfast Pastoral Community are holding a service for the conclusion of the Season of Creation on Monday 4th October @ 7pm (Feast of St. Francis of Assisi) in St. Teresa of Avila Church, Glen Road. You are very welcome to attend the service, or you can view it here: “St. Francis of Assisi reminds us that our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us.” (Laudatio Si, 1)



FIRST SATURDAY DEVOTIONS Will take place in St. Matthias’s Church, Glen Road on 2nd October .

3pm. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Confessions and Act of Consecration

4pm. Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

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