St Agnes Parish Bulletin Sunday 11th July 2021

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
11 July 2021

The first mission
Two phrases come to mind as I read about the disciples heading off on their first mission: ‘baptism of fire’ and ‘to be thrown in at the deep end’. We use these expressions to describe a difficult introduction to a new job or activity, when we are expected to learn as we go and cope with whatever obstacles we face. In today’s Gospel, Jesus sends the Twelve out on their first mission. It is a challenging one and his instructions are brief and very specific: they are to bring nothing but a staff – no food or money – meaning they will have to rely on the hospitality of others for all their needs. They are to stay wherever they are welcomed, rather than move around from house to house, so they can’t be choosy about their lodgings. Simplicity is key – no baggage, no luxuries, no distractions, nothing but the task of reaching to people. It might not be plain sailing, but Jesus offers advice for those difficult times too.
    It appears their mission of preaching and healing was successful, as we are told the disciples came back eager to fill Jesus in. Imagine the experiences they must have had during this time – the people they met and helped, the generosity of those who welcomed them, the conversations on the road, the chance to share their excitement at everything Jesus was doing. They were certainly thrown into a challenging situation, but they returned with a fresh perspective and strengthened faith. Jesus calls us to step out into the unknown, his words as our guide and his bond with us unbreakable.
‘A boat is safe in the harbour, but this not the purpose of a boat.’ (Paulo Coelho)





Restrictions and Guidelines for attending Mass in Agnes’

 Face Coverings are mandatory when entering and exiting the church and should be worn throughout services.

 The seating capacity of the Church is 120-150

 Observe social distancing and use the sanitizer at the Church Entrance;

 When leaving the Church follow the instructions and leave according to the indicated “One-way” system;

 Anyone with cold-like symptoms must not enter the Church;

 Those with under lying health issues are advised to remain at home;

Funerals and Weddings can increase to the current capacity of the Church (120-150 persons)

Baptisms Continue to be limited to 10 people.




COLLECTION The collection for 4th July  amounted to  £1100.00 Thank you for your contribution. You can make your envelope contribution via the donate button on the Parish website home page aswell


PARISH OFFICE Will be closed this week and will re-open on  Monday 19th July


PARISH WEBCAM Live streaming of all Masses takes place in a St. Agnes’ Church.  Please  click on the webcam tile on the Home Page of the Parish website


RECORDINGS Please note, all funerals will be recorded. Please tell us if you do not want your loved one’s funeral recorded.





MILLTOWN CEMETERY RESURFACING We  wish to share this with our parishioners so that you are prepared in the event of a burial in the coming weeks, particularly if your friends or family members are elderly or have mobility issues as parking will be an issue.

 In the coming weeks some of the roads in Milltown Cemetery will be resurfaced. This will impact on the usual arrangements for burials in the Cemetery and so I want to make you aware of some of the restrictions that will be in place for the foreseeable future.

• For all burials in the lower section of the Cemetery, vehicle access will be restricted and so only the hearse and one car will be permitted in that section. All other cars will have to park in the main car park located at the ‘Old Buildings’.

• The priest may drive to the gravesite, as long as he is in front of the funeral cortege.

• The times for burials will need to be staggered. Accordingly Funeral Directors will be informed of the need to book a time with the Cemetery Office.




PRAYER INTENTIONS: We extend our sympathies to the families of those who died recently and those whose month’s mind and anniversary occur at this time.


Recently Deceased: Seamus Small ( Canada)


Sat 10th July : 6.30pm: Helen Derby, May Mc Kenna, Gerald & Maureen Laverty, James Mc Fall

Sun 11th July: 9.30am: Margaret Kelly

12.30pm: Jimmy Muldoon, 

Vera Cassidy ( Months Mind )

Mon 12th  July: 10am: Harry Kane

Tue 13th July: 10am: No Mass

Wed 14th July: 10am:  Daniel Kane

Thurs 15th  July:10am: Thomas & Hilda Hartley 

Fri 16th July: 10am: Priest’s intention

Sat 17th July: 1pm: Priest’s intention

In the event of a funeral, the assigned intention will be offered privately by the priest at his first available mass.


Those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Margaret Mc Nally, James Kennedy, William Mc Kenna, Thomas & John Walsh, Henrietta Mulvenna, Maura Ryan




Summer Singing School for Boys St Dominic’s Grammar School, Dominican Convent, 135 Falls Road, Belfast BT12 6AE Monday 9 August – Friday 13 August 2021 The scheme is aimed at boys aged 8–16 who want to improve their singing voice and musical skills. It is ideal for boys who have a passion for music and want to take their singing training to the next level. Applications available from Saint Peter’s Cathedral House or by emailing




The ACRE PROJECT is now recruiting a Manager LOCAL CLIMATE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE in Northern Ireland. The Project operates out of the values of Laudato Si’ and works with local community groups on a cross-community basis to develop new initiatives to save our planet. The post is part-time: 22.5 hours a week, flexible hours. The salary is circa £30,000 pro rata. For full details please see:





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