A royal wedding

Today’s gospel is difficult. Stories of judgement, weeping and gnashing of teeth just do not appeal to most people. We hear about a King whose invitations to his son’s wedding banquet are repeatedly refused. In some instances his messengers are killed. One interpretation of this parable is that it is an allegory for the Jesus story, God’s invitation to the Messianic banquet has been refused by those who are expected to embrace it. This banquet is therefore opened up to the unexpected, the Gentiles, the poor, those on the margins, the outcast.

     Going deeper again, we can hear that God wants to be in a relationship with each of us. We are all invited to this banquet. Yet, sometimes we exclude ourselves from being in fellowship with God. We may be hurt, suffering in a way that is preventing us from accepting the invitation to experience God’s love and hospitality. We simply want to be left alone. Notice how the host in this parable persists. God does not give up on us.

     And what about that poor chap who did come but was not suitably dressed? If we accept the invitation we should be ready for change and not just change of an outer garment, real change. Because any real experience of God in our lives transforms us in some way or another. Parables were meant to shock those who heard them. The Gospel is meant to make us uncomfortable. Otherwise, what changes for us? We can sit around and listen to nice gentle passages that keep us comforted, or we can be challenged and moved to experiencing something real, something which requires us to show up and be transformed. It is up to us whether or not we accept this invitation.


Parish News…

COLLECTIONS Sunday 4th October weekly collection came to £1145.00 Thank you for your generosity. You can also donate via the Parish website. Click Donate on the Home Page.


PARISH OFFICE Wish to advise parishioners that where possible, we will ask you not to enter the parish house/office to protect us and you. If you do need to enter the parish Office, we will ask you to please wear a mask and you will also need to sign in and leave your details for track and tracing purposes. This also applies for those entering the Church.


FUNERALS It is known that large gatherings of people, especially at funerals, greatly increase the chances of cross-infection. We stress again the need to be extremely cautious, adhering to the instructions around numbers, social distancing, hand sanitising and the wearing of face masks. It is imperative that we all follow these rules, in order to keep everyone safe, especially the most vulnerable among us.


FACE COVERINGS IN CHURCHES All Church leaders, are recommending and encouraging the use of face coverings at all Masses and other liturgical celebrations, along with the ongoing maintenance of 2 metre physical distancing…… …….. It should however be noted that some people are exempt from the wearing of face coverings, as outlined in public health agency guidance: It has become increasingly clear that the wearing of face coverings, in conjunction with hand washing etc, is likely to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, thus helping to protect others. The use of face coverings is therefore one way in which we can evidence protection for the most vulnerable, support for our health workers and practical love for our neighbour.  We would ask that all those attending St. Agnes’ to please wear masks/facecoverings.


PARISH BULLETIN Our parish bulletin cannot be printed and given out yet but we have started to produce one that will be on the website weekly. There will also be a copy on the notice board in the porch


LOST PROPERTY Parishioners are advised that property left behind in the Church ( Gloves, Glasses, Umbrellas etc) will be kept in the Sacristy for two weeks. After the two week period any unclaimed items will be sensibly disposed of, either to a Charity or recycled. Please check within this period if you think you may have left/ lost anything in the Church. Thankyou.


PRAYER INTENTIONS: We extend our sympathies to the families of those who died recently and those whose month’s mind and anniversary occur at this time.



Sat: Vigil 6.30pm: David Phelan, David Mc Cafferty

Sun: 9.30am: Margaret Keane

12.30pm: Kevin Gallagher, Maisie Phillips, Tom Grieve, Marie Standen, Rose Macklin

Mon: 10am:Priest’s intention  

Tue: 10am: No Mass

Wed: 10am:Nora Toal 

Thurs:10am: Priest’s intention

Fri: 10am: Isobel Boyle

Sat: 1pm: James Press

In the event of a funeral, the assigned intention will be offered privately by the priest at his first available mass.


RecentlyDeceased: Patsy Hagan, Theresa Brannigan


Those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Edward Mc Keown, Ellen Small, Cornelius Small, Joseph Reynolds, Patrick Reynolds,  Anne  Grehan. John Mc Caughey, Josie Mc Carron, Patrick Agnew, Josephine Anderson, Isobel, Joe & Aidan Mc Cartney, Geroge & Kathleen Duffy, Margaret Dunne



PRAYING THE ROSARY – 1). Archbishop Eamonn Martin is asking families to pray the Rosary together for the month of October in what is called the Family Rosary Crusade.

2). On Saturday October 10th, the Hail Holy Queen Conference will be Live & Exclusive on Radio Maria Ireland, beginning with the Rosary from 12.30pm. Guest speakers include Dana, Marino Restrepo, Fr Damian Polly, Fr Ruairi O’Domhnaill, Fr Marius O’Reilly and more.

3). On Sunday October 11th the Rosary on the Coast for Life & Faith in Ireland will take place. This year we will again join in with many other countries from around the world. We will gather on our coasts, at our grottos, our churches, our river banks, our homes, or wherever we can……. to pray the Rosary safely together, at 2.30pm. Please do remember to observe Covid 19 guidelines. See to see locations near you or to register a location.

“Hope in a Time of Pandemic”: Lecture by Dr Sr Gemma Simmonds CJ, theologian and spiritual director.

Hosted by Drumalis via Zoom at 7:00 pm on Thursday, 22 October.

First Lecture in the Elizabeth Prout Bicentenary Series.  Suggested Donation: £10.
For further details or to book a place, please contact Drumalis – 028 28276455/28272196
(during office hours Mon-Fri, 9 am – 5 pm) or email


Dromantine Retreat Centre November 2020

‘BROKEN OPEN’: How difficult times can help us grow

Fr. Hugh Lagan SMA 2nd November (9.30am) – 3rd November (5.00pm)

This workshop will explore the potential for discovering courage, compassion and wisdom even in the most painful of life circumstances.

Full cost £115 or €125

‘Loss and Recovery’ Fr. Jim Cogley 14th November (9.30am – 5.00pm)

This seminar will explore loss in its many facets and how it is also an invitation to wholeness. “While the heart grieves for what it has lost, the Spirit dances for that which it has found.”

Full cost £35




















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