COLLECTIONS Sunday 13th September weekly collection came to £1435.00 and the monthly collection, for the support of the priests was £275.00 Thank you for your generosity. You can also donate via the Parish website. Click Donate on the Home Page.


PARISH OFFICE Wish to advise parishioners that where possible, we will ask you not to enter the parish house/office to protect us and you. If you do need to enter the parish Office, we will ask you to please wear a mask and you will also need to sign in and leave your details for track and tracing purposes. This also applies for those entering the Church.


PARISH BULLETIN Our parish bulletin cannot be printed and given out yet but we have started to produce one that will be on the website weekly. There will also be a copy on the notice board in the porch


LOST PROPERTY Parishioners are advised that property left behind in the Church ( Gloves, Glasses, Umbrellas etc) will be kept in the Sacristy for two weeks. After the two week period any unclaimed items will be sensibly disposed of, either to a Charity or recycled. Please check within this period if you think you may have left/ lost anything in the Church. Thankyou


Visiting Hospital: All visiting across all Southern Trust hospitals and sites has been suspended for the time being. The Trust is encouraging virtual visits, e.g, through smartphones, tablets, etc. Those who might need help setting this up can contact the Virtual Visiting Co-ordinator on 07776516419, from 9am – 5pm daily. Emergency, on-call chaplaincy cover remains in place.


FIRST SATURDAY DEVOTIONS:  The First Saturday Devotions will take place  in St. Matthias’s Church, Glen Road, On Saturday 3rd October. 3.00pm. Adoration, Confession, Rosary and Act of Consecration.  4.00pm. Mass


RITE OF CHRISTIAN INITIATION OF ADULTSis for individuals from any faith background (and none) who want to explore the Catholic faith. Weekly in St. Mary’s Church, Chapel Lane, starting 15th October at 7pm. Email or ring Fionnuala on 07702073895.


MARY’S MEALS Mary’s Meals is a global movement which sets up school feeding programmes in communities where poverty and hunger prevent children from gaining an education. Email to find out how to donate.


QUB Catholic Chaplaincy Reopens 21.09.20

The Catholic Chaplaincy at Queen’s reopens on Monday 21 September.  Our liturgies, faith events and social gatherings are popular with students and alumni.  We have a range of groups and societies whose activities appeal to a wide range of interests.  Our Chapel, Food Bar and study space are open throughout the academic year.  Wherever you are on your faith journey, know that we are here for you.  For more details visit or drop by for a coffee and chat at 28 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast.


Remember in Prayer…



Sat: Vigil 6.30pm: Shelagh & Desmond Schiess

Sun: 9.30am:  John Hannaway

Mary & Jack Tierney

12.30pm: Augustine Breen

Terry Armstrong

Mon: 10am: Priest’s intention

Tue: 10am: No Mass

Wed: 10am:Priest’s  intention

Thurs:10am: Priest’s intention

Fri: 10am:Priest’s  intention 

Sat: 1pm: Priest’s intention

In the event of a funeral, the assigned intention will be offered privately by the priest at his first available mass.


RecentlyDeceased: James Donaghy (Australia)


Those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Margaret Ramsden, Bernard & Anne Derby, Sarah Power, Mary & John Mc Caughley, Lily Hamilton, Mary Mc Donnell, Ciaran Maskey, Doreen Allen, John Cairns, Dympna O’Rourke.






Unequal opportunities

Jesus does not see things as we do. Time and time again in his parables, he turns our expectations upside down and helps us to see things in a different light. Today, he tells the story of the landowner who pays the same wages to all his workers – those who were hired at the crack of dawn and those who only joined late in the day. Naturally, the ‘early birds’ are put out by this – they feel it is unjust, even though they received the wage they were promised. Maybe we sympathise with the complainers. In our individualistic society, we can fall into the trap of thinking that only certain people deserve good things. Those who work hard, who are law-abiding, who make the most of opportunities – they deserve a decent standard of living. Think of how often we hear people complaining about those who are struggling, saying they do not deserve assistance or ‘handouts’? Such criticisms fail to take into account that not everyone has the same opportunities or privileges in life. But in this parable of Jesus, the landowner treats everyone the same, regardless of their productivity. He recognises that not all of them had the same opportunity – some were just luckier than others, in the right place at the right time. God is just and generous, and he expects us to have the same respect for everyone, regardless of their position in life. Sadly we do not live in an equal world where everyone’s dignity is respected and everyone has equal opportunities. In this Season of Creation, we are mindful in particular of the world’s poor who suffer most as a result of environmental destruction – damage that is often caused by the comfortable lifestyles of others. Veritas intercom



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