St Agnes’ Parish Bulletin 22nd March 2020

Parish News…

Weekly Collection 1st March £1425.00

Thank you for your generous financial support

Holy Communion for those who are sick or housebound (First Friday calls) will not take place until further notice.

PARISH WEEKLY ENVELOPES   The new parish envelopes are on hold due to the circumstances. We will keep you updated.

Local Masses on webcam can be found at ; you can check out St Michael’s Parish and St Oliver Plunkett Parish.

For Sunday Mass readings check


Remember in Prayer…

Recently Deceased: Margaret Leckey, Elizabeth (Lily) Mc Donnell

Those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Frank Hernan, Doris Robinson, Patricia, James, Jim and Kieran Maxwell, Rory Fennell, Terry Gillen, Danny & Kathleen Mc Allister, Margaret ( Gretta) Pollock, Hugh Pollock, Marie Birch, Rachael O’ Rawe, Frank Drain, Dermot Mulholland, Damien & Mona Mc Guigan, Tom Mc Quillan, Margaret Thornton, Micky & Teresa Monaghan.

Eternal rest grant unto them , O Lord!


Reflection on this Sunday’s Gospel As Jesus went along, he saw a man who had been blind from birth. Jesus did more than cure a blind man. He awakened his faith in God who is all powerful and all merciful. Jesus did something very strange, he mixed his spittle with the dust of the earth and made a paste to heal the man. It reminds us of Adam and Eve who were created from the dust of the earth, or our prayer on Ash Wednesday: ‘Remember you are dust and unto dust you shall return…’. In using dust, Jesus brings us to the story of creation, of God’s creation, the story of eternal love. Jesus re-creates the blind man and gives him his first dignity. But the action of Jesus was didn’t suit what other people thought about those who were blind. The local experts didn’t like what Jesus was doing. He was attacked on all sides: Curing on the Sabbath, Making himself a sinner, Empowering a blind beggar. The teachers and religious leaders believed that blind people were sinners, they had done something wrong and were punished by God. Jesus re-creates the man born blind giving him the sight that leads to a faith in Jesus as the Lord. Perhaps more importantly, Jesus also points to the blindness of those whose faith is only about what’s right or what’s wrong, or what can be done on certain days of the week. Let us pray for a increase of faith in the God who creates, re-creates and redeems.



Magnificat and The Catholic Herald

As there will be no public Masses for an indefinite period starting this weekend and an increasing number of people are self-isolating there will undoubtedly be a substantial number of  parishioners who will be unable to get to Church for several weeks. To help them follow the Mass, daily prayers, reading, etc. at home, and also keep up with the weekly church news we are offering free access to Magnificat online, and for those who would like the Print Edition there is a special one-off 4-month subscription to Magnificat and/or a 3-month subscription to The Catholic Herald at substantially discounted and affordable prices to ensure that the maximum number of people can take advantage.

So that as many people as possible can take advantage of the free and/or discounted offers can you please make your parishioners aware of these options and how to order in any way you are able? They can only be ordered by telephoning Margaret on 020 7448 3607 or Paul on 020 7448 3618 between 9.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.
Below are special prices to help people over this difficult period and orders will need to be placed before Easter:
Magnificat 4 months April to July (including the Holy Week special issue) for £14
Catholic Herald 3 months (13 weeks) for £25                                                              
Both Catholic Herald and Magnificat (as above) £36
For free access to Magnificat online, log in at
Although we do expect that many people will still go to Church for personal prayer, we do hope that these special concessions will help people who cannot get there, and also those who want to follow the Masses, prayers, readings, etc. feel that they can still share in the life of the Church.
Thank you and best wishes
Dennis Charlick







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